Friday, August 31, 2012

Some fabric bundles

Hello everyone!

I have been rearranging my stash and I found some fabrics that I didn't even know I had ( I do hope that happens to some of you, too :) )
Some of that has to go so that my closet doesn't explode again (like it did last week...)
Up for graps is a bundle of some fabrics from the Meadowsweet collection from Sandi Henderson with a coordinating brown solid.

Measurements from left to right:
brown solid: a bit less then half a yard
pink dots: a bit less then a yard
orange rose: a bit more then 1 FQ
Pink flowers: 1 FQ
Vintage Paisley: a bit less then a yard in length,
half a yard in width
dark roses: 1.5 FQ
middle roses: 1.5 FQ
5 prints of large scraps plus some 8"scraps that are not pictured.
All in all about 3.5 yards of fabric for 25€ (which is about 30$). Shipping will be 7€ (9$) international, 2,20€ within Germany.

The next fabric bundle is from Sandi Hendersons Farmers Market/ Meadowsweet collections plus a matching Amy Butler print from her Lotus collection.
They are all half yard cuts with exception of the Amy Butler print that is missing a 4 by 8 Inch piece. You would also get some matching scraps with these prints if desired.
All in all a bit less then 2.5 yards of fabric for 16€ (which is about 20$). Shipping will be 7€ (9$) international, 2,20€ within Germany.

I would love to give those fabrics away but fabric is just too expensive being a student with no money :)
Please email me or write a comment if you would like to buy one of these bundles. I will get back to you with a paypal invoice and send them off as soon as possible.
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And some Scraps....

Update: gone, thank you!

I also have some scraps that I am willing to part with. Unfortunately I will only be able to ship them to someone in Europe and you have to be willing to pay shipping charges because the package is quite large. There are 2,2kg of scraps, mostly quilt shop fabric. Some of the scraps are as large as a fat eighth, but most are smaller. I used scraps like these to make my string quilts, like this one:

Shipping costs to anywhere in Europe is 17€, within Germany it is 6,90€. If you prefer that I just send you the quilt shop fabric in this package then shipping costs will be 8,90€ for within Europe and 4,10€ for within Germany.

Just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Hope you are having a great day!

Und nun noch ein paar Stoffreste, die ich leider nicht mehr selber verarbeiten kann. Leider kann ich sie nur innerhalb Europas verschicken, da ansonsten die Versandkosten zu hoch werden.
Es sind hauptsächlich Baumwollstoffe in Quiltqualität darin, insgesamt 2,2kg, meist kleiner als ein Fat Eighth. Leider muss ich dafür Versandkosten berechnen. Innerhalb Deutschlands kostet es 6,90€ für das gesamte Paket. 4,10€, wenn Du nur die Quiltstoffe möchtest.

Bitte einfach einen Kommentar hinterlassen (inklusive Emailadresse) und ich komme dann auf Dich zurück.

Einen schönen Tag!


Monday, August 20, 2012

New Selvages

Update: All gone, thank you!

I have some selvages to give away. Does anybody want them? I was planning on definitely using them this time but life got a bit in the way :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

If there only was a way to make summer last longer!
Here are some pictures from sunny and warm Italy. And yes, I was very reasonable: not more then one gelato a day :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer sewing

Hello everyone,

somehow, summer decided not to show this year, instead it feels more like fall just went ahead and got itself a yearlong ticket to Munich.

I now got a little time on hand and am determined to finally get all my UFOs out of my hair. I really hate not being able to start new projects because I should continue with old ones.

I have about four quilts I should finish and tons of  other things that got to the half-sewn stage but never made it further. That and my Dawanda shop which I have neglected for the past few months. Whenever I had time to sew, I spent it on something for me. 

That said, I admire people that get through with their projects every single time. I love the process but sometimes get so frustrated when it takes longer then expected that I put it into some little corner in my closet.

This weekend, I managed to put a new quilt top on an old green Ikea blanket. I wonder why I ever picked a green blanket, it is so not my favorite color! At least the front makes me happy now, I just need to recover the back :)

I also have a chubby star quilt top on which I stopped sewing two years ago because the colors just weren't right. I am wondering if I should take it apart and reuse the Sandi Henderson Fabric in another quilt. I did use the scraps from it to make three placemats. So that little corner in my closet can breath again :)

And then there was a bit of new fabric that arrived a couple of days ago and made such a perfect upholstered chair. I had been planning to do so since I got it a year ago :)

 I hope you are all having a great summer, with hopefully some sewing time in between :)