Saturday, August 31, 2013

Updates and a quilt like fruit salad

Good morning everyone!

I hope your summer was fun! Mine was spent in libraries, conference rooms and my appartment and I couldn't be happier. My thesis is coming along, not as fast as I was hoping and not with the amazing results I was dreaming of but isn't it always like this?

I finished the quilt for my brother which I have been working on for quite some time. The letters were all made by my friends from Bee Europe so most of the work for one side was already done and I just had to deal with the other side. Oh, and quilting!(which looks quite adventurous in the pictures but in person, it is actually quite ok)

I think the colors look like fruit salad, so I might call it that way. Up until now, it was J.'s quilt but I am guessing he's ok with having a fruit salad quilt :)

Thank you to everyone who helped me with the survey and to everyone who is still reading this blog (even though I post something once in three months)! I would love to say that posting will get better but I still have one month on my thesis left and then there will be THE final exams... So blogging and sewing will most likely be at the end of my list for another 6 months.

On another note: I was planning some giveaways but haven't found the time for getting everything ready/taking pictures etc. so that will have to wait until after I am done (I know, another month!). Sorry! But I promise it will be fun!

Have a great weekend! What are you up to? I hope you find some time for sewing!