Sunday, October 16, 2016

Q4 Finish-A-Long List

I just decided that maybe taking part in the FAL couldn't hurt. At least then I would see in three months what I didn't get done once again :)

So here is my list:

Finish the Storm at Sea quilt: it just needs quilting

Hexie quilt: get a backing, then quilt it

Log Cabin Quilt: get batting and a backing, then quilt it

There is still my Double Wedding Ring Quilt on which I haven't work a single minute since writing about it last:

2 secret quilts which I can't share yet since they will be presents (and which don't count)

And then there is this dres - which also doesn't count since it isn't quilty but since I really like lists let's just put it onto this one:

What is on your list? All quilty or more life/other craft related?