Sunday, October 22, 2017

Destashing fabric

Lately I have been looking at everything I own and have done quite a bit of decluttering and giving away. You just can't own the same amount of stuff when the available square footage dropped to half of what it used to be :) I have come a long way but am only now getting to my crafty things.

I have some fabric bundles that I want  (and for the sake of space need) to sell, so if someone is interested in the following items, please let me know.Either drop me an email at "jonalili at" or just comment below. I am also willing to trade and maybe do a bit of christmas shopping this way...

Tula Pink, Prince Charming, 24 Fat Quarters. More photos can be provided upon request.
Price: 340€ plus shipping

Laurie Wisbrun, Perfectly Perched, 15 Fat Quarters. More photos can be provided upon request.
Price: 60€ plus shipping

 Joel Dewberry, Heirloom 13 FQ. More photos can be provided upon request.
Price: 50€ plus shipping.

Heather Bailey, Lotti Da, bigger scraps of fabric (445g/14,7 ounces).
Price: 20€ plus shipping.

And now for the "not quilting fabric" portion of my destash (I wrote the dimension on each piece of white paper, each paper meassures 3,5 Inch):

Polar fleece, 1x1,5m.
Price: 2€ plus shipping

 Also not wool, but jersey, 1x1,5m.
Price: 3€ plus shipping

Wool scraps: pink in left corner: 1,5x0,5m; grey in right corner and blue at right bottom was snatched up by a friend so those are not included; scraps at left bottom (the red one was stained when I handwashed it together with a dark whool fabric): each at least 0,2x0,7m.
Price for all: 5€ plus shipping

purple wool bundle: left fabric: 0,5x0,6m; right fabric: 0,6x1,0m.
Price: 3€ plus shipping.

red plaid wool: 1,8x1,6m.
Price: 4€ plus shipping 

grey fabric bundle: top left, cotton polyester, 0,5x0,65m; top right: corduroy, 0,4x1,4m; bottom left: grey wool, 0,5x1,5m; bottom right: finer wool, 0,6x1,2m.
Price: 5€ plus shipping

mix bundle:top left: light grey soft wool: 0,5x0,5m; right fabric (I belive that there is some cotton and polyester in there): 0,5x0,4m; bottom left: red black wool, 0,5x1,1m.

walking foot for high shank sewing machine: doesn't work on my industrial sewing machine but maybe on yours?
Price: shipping

Book One yard wonders: used but complete and in relatively good condition (no torn pages, nothing missing etc.).
Price: 2€ plus shipping

6 purse frames in varying sizes and colors.
Price: 8€ plus shipping

Let me know if you are interested in something - either by email (Jonalili at or leaving a comment - I can send you an estimate about shipping - the lighter ones will be around 4,5€ internationally, 2,6€ in Germany. The heavier bundles around 6€ in Germany, 35€ international insured shipment. You are responsible for paying taxes and importing fees.

Thank you and happy shopping,