Monday, December 12, 2011

Accuquilt Drunkard's Path Tutorial

So, you have seen what you can do with the Drunkard's Path Die from Accuquilt:

Want to see what I made? Well, here you go:

To make this simple baby quilt all you need is:
a charm pack of colourful fabric (32 charms)

a charm pack of white fabric (32 charms)

fabric for the border

fabric for the backing
fabric for the binding
Lay your charms on the Drunkard's Path Die for the Go! Baby Cutter. Not at once but 6 pieces at a time :)

Roll them through and combine a white and a colorful half of the form the die just cut.

Put the edges together and under your sewing machine with the outer shape on top. Now sew along that round edge, making sure not to distort the shapes too much (a bit of pulling to get it through and make sure everything fits is normal).

When you are at half of the shape, the little notches cut by the die should perfectly overlap. If they do, go ahead and finish that block. If they don't then stop and start from the beginning.

Now iron with the seam allowances to one side and cut to your desired size.

Sew all of the other shapes together the same way and lay out your design.

Mine looks like this:

There are other examples here at the Drunkard's Path QAL hosted by Kristie. She also has wonderful instructions on how to sew the blocks together if mine weren't clear enough.

Now sew those blocks together the way you layed them out and make the border. I simply put on a white border first, then a small (2 inches) yellow border and then a white border again.

Back, quilt and bind your quilt.
You are done!

Happy sewing!


PS: and more pictures of the finished quilt:


  1. That is such a cute quilt! It makes me want to have a baby or an accugo.

  2. Very pretty! I need to dust off my Baby Go and use this die some more.

  3. Gorgeous!
    I need the Drunkards Path die!!

  4. oh, I just love your quilt designs!!! Awesome!!

  5. Looks great! I want the drunkard's path die. I have a confession. I gave up trying to win one of these. I ordered one for myself last night. Merry Christmas to me! LOL!

  6. You all must mean "template" and not dye. Perhaps dye is the German translation of template.

  7. @anonymous: sorry, but no. It is not a template but a cutting die, you can take a look here:


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