Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer sewing

Hello everyone,

somehow, summer decided not to show this year, instead it feels more like fall just went ahead and got itself a yearlong ticket to Munich.

I now got a little time on hand and am determined to finally get all my UFOs out of my hair. I really hate not being able to start new projects because I should continue with old ones.

I have about four quilts I should finish and tons of  other things that got to the half-sewn stage but never made it further. That and my Dawanda shop which I have neglected for the past few months. Whenever I had time to sew, I spent it on something for me. 

That said, I admire people that get through with their projects every single time. I love the process but sometimes get so frustrated when it takes longer then expected that I put it into some little corner in my closet.

This weekend, I managed to put a new quilt top on an old green Ikea blanket. I wonder why I ever picked a green blanket, it is so not my favorite color! At least the front makes me happy now, I just need to recover the back :)

I also have a chubby star quilt top on which I stopped sewing two years ago because the colors just weren't right. I am wondering if I should take it apart and reuse the Sandi Henderson Fabric in another quilt. I did use the scraps from it to make three placemats. So that little corner in my closet can breath again :)

And then there was a bit of new fabric that arrived a couple of days ago and made such a perfect upholstered chair. I had been planning to do so since I got it a year ago :)

 I hope you are all having a great summer, with hopefully some sewing time in between :)



  1. I'm sorry about the crappy weather! Bremen was aweful when we were there in May but Bavaria and Austria were gorgeous, I even got a little sun tan.

    I love your zippy pouches and the upholstery job on your chair is amazing! I love the fabric you chose.

  2. Wow!! You are amazing! So, so nice to hear from you! Take care!

  3. That upholstered chair is really amazing! I want lessons on that! Looks like you are keeping busy. Did you make the little pouches at the beginning of your post? They are adorable. I'm trying to finish up some ufos too!

  4. Is there anything you can't do? Love the pouches and adore the chair! You just must come and visit=)

  5. Wow, that upholstered chair is incredible!


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