Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Babyquilt with Park Life and Spring Walk

These past few months I seem to only have made it to the sewing machine when I needed to fix something - broken hems, seams, button holes - or when someone in my immediate family needed something like a bag. 

Well, since I am now a proud aunt, I dusted off the sewing machine and got to make a new quilt. Baby quilts are so rewarding: you can try that pattern that you always wanted to try but without commiting to a whole big quilt (because I still have so many of those waiting...) and it is always for someone who might not be able express his gratitude (if you don't count spitting up on it - when you think about it, that actually sound like a compliment) but they look so adorable on a quilt! 

This one is made from two FQ bundles: Park Life and Spring Walk ( both Cloud 9). I originally planned on making the back with the double gauze fabric from Birch (that's the green border you see on the backing) but they didn't have enough and I got to use more of my FQ this way. I also added a few fabrics along the way because I needed a color wheel (quilter's linen and some Heather Ross fabric).

Since this one has a very lofty batting, quilting it wasn't very easy and as you can see, it warps  a bit on the edges (it looks worse on the pictures and I think that after washing it, this should disappear).

It was very well received and I can see more quilts for the baby - judging by the rate I was sewing in the past years this will likely take a few years.

What have you been up to?