Monday, April 24, 2017

Babybook: Hungry Caterpillar

So, for christmas I gave one very special baby the promise to finish his book about the very hungry caterpillar soon. 
There are all kinds of colors and textures (woven, knitted wool, flannel, plush fabric, quilting fabric, seersucker, and the caterpillar at one of the last pages has been stuffed with batting to show that it really has eaten a lot) and there is even a rattle and some pages are crackling because I lined them with oven bags. Since I finally finished it and gifted it to him, I can also share pictures:

Have you ever sewn a baby book?


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Q 2 FAL List

Well, the optimism from January has changed to well mannered realism. 
I was planning on finishing all my projects in the first three months of the year but it seems I not only didn't pull that off but also managed to gain a few extra projects.

Let's start with the new projects:
  • finishing the baby book (the very hungry caterpilar - I love the book and I needed to make a baby version) I started and finally gift it 

 I did make a bit of progress on some of my projects:
  • the hexie quilt finally has a backing but it still needs quilting
  • the log cabin quilt also has a backing but also needs quilting
  • my christmas quilt was made into blocks and then... well it needs anything else. Because there were wonderful suggestions in the last post (thank you!) I still haven't decided which route to go
  • I began quilting the Flea Market Fancy quilt but haven't finished yet
  • my Double Wedding Quilt still isn't even pieced into blocks yet

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Monday, February 20, 2017

With or Without?

In my last post I showed you how I did my star blocks. They are all finally finished but I just don't know whether to use sashing in between the blocks or just go without. I am also thinking of adding a tiny border around the quilt top once it is finished. Or maybe not?

What do you think? Any opinions? Sashing, border or not?

Thank you,

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nordic Star Quilt Block Tutorial

Just the other day I was thinking that I should really cut the fabric for my Christmas Quilt. It is on my WIP list and I thought that Andrea's star pattern would be wonderful - but then I came across this image of a pillow and then I saw Rachel's winter mint Quilt and just like that I changed my mind about the pattern. I will be using Andrea's tutorial next time I am starting a quilt.

And since I couldn't find a tutorial for this particular block, here is my own. I am sure that there is a traditional block like this, but since I couldn't find it, I had to come up with a name myself.

Nordic Star Quilt Block

for each block (15 3/4" or 40cm) you need:

background fabric:
4 x 4" / 10cm squares
4 x 4 3/4" / 12cm squares
4 x 8" x 1 3/4" / 20cm x 4cm rectangles

focus/colored fabric:
4 x 4" / 10cm squares
4 x 4 3/4" / 10cm squares
1 x 1 3/4" / 4cm square

Instead of the 4 3/4 Inch (12cm) squares you can also get away with using 4 1/2 Inch (11,5cm) but since we will be using theses for half square triangles and mine rarely turn out perfect, I like to have some wiggle room for trimming. 

I sewed this block in cm so the measurements in Inch might seem odd but they should work out as I have always included a tiny bit of room for trimming.

Seam allowance is 1/4" or 1/2 cm.


Take your 4 3/4" (12cm) squares and put a colored one and a background one right sides together.

I like to arrange the colored sqaures so that they face in the right direction (with a print that has stripes that means that all stripes go in the same direction). On each back of the background fabric I draw a diagonal line: in two of the four squares I go from top left to bottom right and in the other two I go from top right to bottom left.

Then sew a quarter of an inch (5mm) along the diagonal line on either side.

Cut them apart on the drawn line and press them open, seams to the colored side of the square. 
Then trim back to 4" (10cm).

Now lay all your pieces out according to this picture:

Take your colored squares and sew them to the HSTs right next to it, press the seams to the colored squares.

Then take the background squares and sew them to the HSTs right next to it, press the seams to the background squares.

Now sew them both together, seams should nest. Press the new seam open so that it later lays flat. Trim now if there are any mismatched edges.

Take one long background fabric strip and on either side sew it to the squares we just created. Match the edges in "the middle" meaning where the colored squares meet the background fabric strip. Press seams towards the background strip. Repeat for the other half of the block. The background fabric strip will probably be a bit too long for the block but I didn't trim this until the whole block was completely finished.

Take the remaining two background fabric strips and sew them to the small 1 3/4" (4cm) focus fabric square. Press seams towards the background fabric.

Pin your long strip to one half of the block, making sure that you align the center square of the long strip with the background fabric strip of the half of the block. Seams should nest. Again the background fabric strip will be too long but since we are matching up in the middle, just overlook it at this stage, please.

Sadly I must have forgotten to take pictures at this stage - probably because I was so exited to get the block done. Repeat for the other half and press seams towards the middle. After pressing the entire block, you can trim again. The block should be 15 3/4" or 40cm.

Let me know if anything is unclear! If you make something with this tutorial please leave me a comment so I can come and visit you.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Storm at Sea Quilt finished

Thank you all for your very nice and encouraging comments! You are absoluty right, just of these projects that I listed are very close to being finished but I find it so hard to just get them finished when there are so many fascinating projects to start.

Well, I am happy to say that the Storm at Sea Quilt is finally quilted and finished. This one is another bee quilt made with the help from my friends at Bee Germany as well as the fleißige Bee'nchen. 


I think I have never made a quilt entirely out of solids and while I really love this quilt, I don't think there is likely another quilt in the near future. I just have so many patterned fabric at home that needs to be sewn with first...

How are the projects on your lists coming along?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Q1 2017 FAL List

I have high hopes for 2017. For one, I would really like to finally finally finally complete the projects that have been piling up in my home and most of those are sewing related. So here is my list that I would like to complete within the next three months.

Finish the Storm at Sea quilt: only quilting left

Hexie quilt: still need a backing for this and then I can quilt it

Log Cabin Quilt: also still need a backing for this and then I can quilt it

Moving on with the Double Wedding Ring quilt since this project has been neglected for a long time

I also started on a christmas quilt some time ago and maybe I will finish it in time for christmas this year. The pattern is this tutorial from Andrea of Quiltmanufaktur and this is my fabric selection:

Finally quilting this quilt that has been sitting here for the past 3 years:

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hexie Bee Quilt

And just when I thought that I only got one quilt done in 2016, I remembered that I haven't shown this one.

My bee friends from Bee Germany and Fleißige Been'chen have all helped make these wonderful hexagons.

I just framed them in white, put them together, put on the recipient's favorite backing (red with white polkadots) and handquilted it all.

It wasn't on my list but it got done in 2016 so I am counting this as a personal win.

Also, I am so very glad that 2016 is over, this year was not one I would like to repeat. So cheers to 2017, I already like you! And not just because 2017 is a prime number and we have an extra holiday this year :)

How do you like 2017 so far?

This is what our 2017 looks like: