Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And some Scraps....

Update: gone, thank you!

I also have some scraps that I am willing to part with. Unfortunately I will only be able to ship them to someone in Europe and you have to be willing to pay shipping charges because the package is quite large. There are 2,2kg of scraps, mostly quilt shop fabric. Some of the scraps are as large as a fat eighth, but most are smaller. I used scraps like these to make my string quilts, like this one:

Shipping costs to anywhere in Europe is 17€, within Germany it is 6,90€. If you prefer that I just send you the quilt shop fabric in this package then shipping costs will be 8,90€ for within Europe and 4,10€ for within Germany.

Just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Hope you are having a great day!

Und nun noch ein paar Stoffreste, die ich leider nicht mehr selber verarbeiten kann. Leider kann ich sie nur innerhalb Europas verschicken, da ansonsten die Versandkosten zu hoch werden.
Es sind hauptsächlich Baumwollstoffe in Quiltqualität darin, insgesamt 2,2kg, meist kleiner als ein Fat Eighth. Leider muss ich dafür Versandkosten berechnen. Innerhalb Deutschlands kostet es 6,90€ für das gesamte Paket. 4,10€, wenn Du nur die Quiltstoffe möchtest.

Bitte einfach einen Kommentar hinterlassen (inklusive Emailadresse) und ich komme dann auf Dich zurück.

Einen schönen Tag!



  1. I'd love the quilt shop scraps if they are still available, thanks!

  2. Oh, I still need some scraps (2,5 Inch squares) for my Hexie Ferris Wheel project in red, yellow, pink and purple.. ;) Grüße aus Berlin

  3. I am impressed with how you're cleaning out. Please come here and help me destash!

  4. They arrived and are delicious - thank you so much!


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