Friday, August 31, 2012

Some fabric bundles

Hello everyone!

I have been rearranging my stash and I found some fabrics that I didn't even know I had ( I do hope that happens to some of you, too :) )
Some of that has to go so that my closet doesn't explode again (like it did last week...)
Up for graps is a bundle of some fabrics from the Meadowsweet collection from Sandi Henderson with a coordinating brown solid.

Measurements from left to right:
brown solid: a bit less then half a yard
pink dots: a bit less then a yard
orange rose: a bit more then 1 FQ
Pink flowers: 1 FQ
Vintage Paisley: a bit less then a yard in length,
half a yard in width
dark roses: 1.5 FQ
middle roses: 1.5 FQ
5 prints of large scraps plus some 8"scraps that are not pictured.
All in all about 3.5 yards of fabric for 25€ (which is about 30$). Shipping will be 7€ (9$) international, 2,20€ within Germany.

The next fabric bundle is from Sandi Hendersons Farmers Market/ Meadowsweet collections plus a matching Amy Butler print from her Lotus collection.
They are all half yard cuts with exception of the Amy Butler print that is missing a 4 by 8 Inch piece. You would also get some matching scraps with these prints if desired.
All in all a bit less then 2.5 yards of fabric for 16€ (which is about 20$). Shipping will be 7€ (9$) international, 2,20€ within Germany.

I would love to give those fabrics away but fabric is just too expensive being a student with no money :)
Please email me or write a comment if you would like to buy one of these bundles. I will get back to you with a paypal invoice and send them off as soon as possible.
Thank you!


  1. Pretty fabrics, and yes, it happens to me all the time. I can't buy fabric right now. I'm on a fabric diet. I did allow myself to get some Bella because I finished a project, but nothing else! Good luck selling!

  2. I would be interested in all of these fabrics. My husband has a paypal account...if you could let me know how to pay for these, then I would be delighted to take them off your hands. :)
    Angie Shipley


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