Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giveaway winner and some ways to use your scraps

Thank you everyone for your comments and for sharing what you do with your scraps! I loved reading and wow - you are so creative! I wanted to make a list of everything you said but half way through realized that would be boring so I picked some of the ideas and will post pictures along with them.
But first - the winner.
Haven't figured out how to number the comments but I got lucky and only had to count to 37 :)

Congratulations Katherine, I will email you in a bit.

Now onto the scrappy part.
Some of you mentioned sending your scraps to your fellow bee members when its your turn. Well, turns out I was sent scraps for my bees as well and I haven't shown the blocks yet.
So here you go:

A lot of you are doing string blocks and spider web blocks. Even hexies were on the list and log cabin blocks. I believe that mug rugs and pouches are a hit, too! And Tanya said that she was using her scraps to cut into flower shapes so all the girls at her daugher's birthday party could make little flower hair clips. I just love the idea!

Here is a little mosaic of some of some scrap ideas I found in my favorites :)

To see where the photos come from please click on the picture and it will take you to the flickr site with all the links.

Hope you are having a great day!



  1. Johanna, those blocks are just stunning!

  2. thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!!

  3. The clips were a hit at the birthday party! I saw some of the girls wearing them the next day at school.

  4. Thanks again! I'm very excited to try it out!!!

  5. Just checking in and saying "hello". Have not been on your blog in so long (and feeling bad about it!!!) - but I have so little time to do some blog reading lately. :-(
    Finally managed to visit again ... and am LOVING the block in the third picture!!!
    Do you mind telling me what "kind" of block that is? I love the way this looks and would love to try it myself one day ... Looks amazing! If you tell me what it is called maybe I could search for a tutorial or something. Or do you happen to know of one?


    www.cutelicious.info or english.cutelicious.info


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