Friday, January 6, 2012

Circle blanket Tutorial

Another small tutorial for your go dies, this time how to quickly turn a simple blanket into a unique gift for one of your friends.

a blanket (I bought mine from Ikea, but you can really use any you like)
some scraps in your prefered colors
can of basting spray
the accuquilt go! baby cutter and the circle die

I simply put my scraps on the circles on the die they fit on, if you prefer bigger circles you need bigger scraps; if you prefer smaller circles you just use the smaller circles on the die.
Cut and lay all your circles out on the blanket. Next, spray the left side of your circles with basting spray and put them back onto the blanket. I tried spraying the circles before I layed them out but my hands got all sticky after removing them so I simply did it the other way around.

Now sew all your circles down with the stitch you like. You can handsew them down, or use a zigzag or even a blanket-stitch.

Admire your blanket and pat yourself on the back. You just made a wonderful blanket to give away or use for yourself in almost no time.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Johanna! Such a cute and quick project, thank you so much for sharing the tutorial!!! :)

  2. Super! Das werde ich mal meinen Töchtern zeigen! Was für eine tolle und schnelle Geschenkidee! Danke


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