Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not so secret anymore...

My big secret, the one that had me jump up and down, and almost made me not be able to sleep:
I am on the creative team of Amanda Herring fr
om The Quilted Fish!!!!! I told you it had something to do with fish :)

Amanda is t
he designer of Sweet Divinity, a line that I haven't bought yet but that is mainly due to the fact that I am way behind. Just last month I bought Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley, that's how late I am :)

n Amanda sent me an email telling me that I was selected to be on the team, I was so happy I had to hug everything: my man, my family, my friends, the lamp in the living room :)
I was so happy first and then fear came up to
me, sat on my shoulder and whispered in my ear: "There will be so many other creative people on the team, you will not be able to keep up. English isn't even your first language. When someone asks you for dims, you can't answer because you don't know that dims is short for dimensions. "

But let me tell you once I got to know all those othe
r amazing and talented people the fear just vanished! When I talk (or write :) ) I might sound a bit funny, but everyone on the team is so inspiring that I will definitely not run out of ideas. And they are so nice! I only met them through email but they are so nice that I want to visit them right now and have some fun sewing days with them.
And Ladies, if you re
ad this, of course you are all invited! This would make a party that I would remember for the rest of my life! Now, because I have absolutely nothing to show yet, I thought I would share who I will be working with.

You can go here to see what everybody looks li
ke (and yes, that is the first picture of me online ever! And I look a bit skeptical but really, I am trying hard to fight the big fat smile that I wore since the morning of that day!)

All the pictures should link back to the blogpost/etsy shop/ flickr accou
nt where I found them so that you can go look around a bit :) Actually only a few of the pictures are linking (the rest didn't work...) so for the rest I included an extra link in the description above each photo. And of course those pictures don't belong to me, they belong to the fabulous women who I linked to!

There is Karrie Lynne who I have been secretely following and admiring for a l
ong time and who just had a tutorial for Moda Bake Shop:

And Julie, who used to live two hours away from me (which I of course didn't know. Else I might just have visited her!) She just made this
adorable block which I wish she had made for me (taken from her photostream):

Jana, who has the c
utest kids ever and still has time to create; if I had kids I would probably not touch my sewing machine at all, so yes - I admire her:

Sally, who not only makes beautiful things but also has a band! I mean how much more creative does it get?! Taken from here:

And then there is Stephanie whose blog you guy
s all know and who is a professor in real life. As a student myself I felt pretty intimidated by her (well, until we "met" because she is really such a nice person. Hi, Stephanie!). Here is a picture of soap she made (and because I have been wanting to try that, too, for about half a year:) )

And not to forget Brooke whose blogname I love! Her creations are just the cutest!

Candice who makes handbags just like me and look at them, bright and fun:

And last but not least Jackie who should call herself not just a quilter but an artist. I mean look at that quilt! It's not only a pretty thing that holds you warm at night, it has a realistic 3d flower on it. Who else can come up with that?!

This post is unfortunately only in English because I just can't seem to find the right words in my own language :P And no, all those exclamation marks - that magically found their way into this post even though I was trying to avoid them - are just a clue to how excited I am to start working. Can't wait!


  1. So wonderful to be on the team with you Johanna... we are going to have some good times... you are officially invited to California whenever you want to come :)

  2. Congratulations!
    I'm looking forward to checking out all the other blogs - several are new to me!
    By the way English is my first language but I'd never heard of dims!!!!

  3. I'm so excited to work with you, too! !!!!

  4. Hi Johanna! I am so excited to be on the team with you! Oh my gosh, I can't believe you said you're intimidated by me. haha! You are fabulous, and I can't with to create with you! As Jewel said, you are invited to Michigan whenever you are here, too!

  5. You're too sweet! I'm very excited to be a part of such a wonderful and creative team! :o)

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das ist großartig!

  7. You are such a darling, Johanna!! and I can't believe that's your first online pic!!! you are gorgeous, hun!!! (and I totally didn't know what dims were either!! teeeheee!!) Can't wait to be a team together...♥♥♥

  8. So excited to be on the Design Team with you! Thanks so much for the fun comment on my blog! Can't wait to see what we all come up with for projects and such. Fun too to have new friends to follow our blogs.
    Thanks for the compliments too. My blog/etsy shop name come from having 4 kids 23-6! Silly, silly girl!


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