Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year and some advice needed...

Happy new year 2011 everyone!
What do you expect of the new year?

I have high expectations :) Of course, there should be more quilts but I also thought that I should share more of my work in progress with you and - more importantly - my handbags.

This blog was originally intended to show the thing
s that I sew for my shop but it somehow turned into a quilting blog. Which isn't bad because as of February last year I love quilting. But selling my handbags allows me to buy more fabric for other handbags and for more quilts :)

That reminds me - October and November last year I was supposed to be on a fabric diet which I apparently totally forgot because I bought mo
re fabric then ever before.
So, this year, no more fabric diets for me! Instead I will try to use my stash but if I absolutely want to buy some new fabric then this shouldn't stand in my way.

And, I am now making quilts for other people. Until right now, I only made baby quilts for others (or for my shop). Other (bigger) quilts stayed with me or my parents. But now that my apartment cannot
handle any more quilts, I simply cannot keep them anymore. So, from now on, all of my quilts can be purchased (that is, if they are not meant to be a gift for someone else!).
I am also thinking of opening an etsy store. This might not be a great idea because shipping charges are ridiculously high from Germany but I would love to have a greater audience for them. Right now,
it is mostly Germany and we are mostly going for handbags that are constructed in a very clear and simple way which is not as much fun to make :) and most people here do not even know what a quilt is! Crazy, I know!

Now, I need you all to give me some advice. You may remember the star quilt that was supposed to be for a little boy? One side looks like this:

And the other one looks like this (with a lot of pins in it):

I am very uncertain how to quilt it. Most of the time I am just doing some straight lin
e stitching which is fast and looks nice. But this quilt is a bit more special to me, so I want it to be something else.
Now, I already quilted together the star side and the batting thinking that I could just bind the sunny side and the rest together. But that would mean that the threads would show on either side.

Should I unpick the quilting on the star side and just do some normal quilting that shows on both sides? And which pattern should I use? The stars would look a bit weird on the other side, don't you think?
Should I just tie the quilt like I intended to?
And which thread color should I use?

Please share your opinions with me, I am a bit lost here.

Thank you,


  1. I am trying to get a bit blog reading done ... as I have had almost no time during the last days for this ...
    I love your quilt! And yes,I KNOW what a quilt is. :-) But I guess I am not the prototypical German either ...
    Unfortunately I have no idea how to quilt it ... I am still working on my first quilt and the thougth of actually quilting it at any point terrifies me! :-D
    But I know a person who is REALLY great at quilting - Care from
    She got me into quilting and I bet she could help you with your question ...
    Tell her "hi" from me! :-)

  2. Maybe you could quilt sunrays:-)Your quilt is awesome !

  3. Thanks, you guys! I love the idea of sunrays! I am also considering feathers (though that may not be very consistent with the theme of the quilt, but oh so pretty :) )


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