Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hexie Bee Quilt

And just when I thought that I only got one quilt done in 2016, I remembered that I haven't shown this one.

My bee friends from Bee Germany and Fleißige Been'chen have all helped make these wonderful hexagons.

I just framed them in white, put them together, put on the recipient's favorite backing (red with white polkadots) and handquilted it all.

It wasn't on my list but it got done in 2016 so I am counting this as a personal win.

Also, I am so very glad that 2016 is over, this year was not one I would like to repeat. So cheers to 2017, I already like you! And not just because 2017 is a prime number and we have an extra holiday this year :)

How do you like 2017 so far?

This is what our 2017 looks like:

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  1. Der Quilt ist sehr schön geworden. Und die Rose sieht cool aus. Liebe Grüße aus NZL, E.


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