Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friday Tutorial on Wednesday

I know, late as always :) but you might want to check this out.
Stephanie from Peas in a Pod wrote a really great tutorial on how to turn an old cookie sheet into a magnet board! I still have a metall tray that has seen better days and instead of throwing it away I will put it to good use using Stephanie's tutorial!
And guess what?! For those living in a part of the world where mod podge isn't available (like myself!), Stephanie also threw in a quick tip on how to make so without. Love her for considering us poor non-americans :)
Please head on over and tell her what a fabulous job she did!
And maybe some day soon I will post pictures of my progress on some small baby quilts. Pictures haven't been taken yet so I unfortunately can't show you.
Have a great day!


Natürlich bin ich mal wieder viel zu spät dran, aber besser zu spät als nie :)
Stephanie hat ein geniales Tutorial geschrieben, wie man ausrangierten Metallbackblechen wieder ein bißchen Leben einhaucht und einfach als Magnettafel umfunktioniert.
Ich selber habe ein uraltes Metalltablett, das nicht mehr wirklich repräsentierbar ist und ich kann es kaum erwarten, daraus nach Stephanies Methode eine nette Magnettafel zu machen, anstatt es einfach wegzuwerfen, wie ich ursprünglich vorhatte :)
Und sie hat auch an uns Nicht-in-den-Vereinigten-Staaten-Lebende gedacht und einen kleinen Tipp für den Ersatz von Mod Podge, der ja bei uns recht schlecht zu beziehen ist, gegeben.
Bitte einfach hier lang und ihr sagen, was für ein tolles Tutorial sie geschrieben hat!
Einen schönen Abend,


  1. That tray looks fab, going to pop over now and check it out!

    They sell mod podge here in the UK, but I just can't bring myself to spend the money on it when white glue does just as well!

    Hope your having a great week.

  2. I love this idea! My mom taught me well - I like to reuse/recycle whenever possible, and I have some very yucky cookie sheets I could put to good use! Thanks so much!!!

    Kristi Johnson in the U.S. - where we do sell mod podge!

  3. Hi - I can't find the alternative to mod podge on the mentionned website. What would that alternative be for someone living like in Germany?
    I am crazy about DIY ideas, but usually they are made with mod podge, so I am unsure what to use.

    1. Sandrine, thank you for commenting! Mod podge can be substituted with white glue and some warm water. Just be sure to mix white glue that isn't water soluble.


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