Thursday, January 14, 2016

Finish A-Long 2016

I have not been sewing anything else then Bee blocks in what feels like forever. I have also not blogged in over a year and that also feels like forever. So in an attempt to at least get started on those projects that have been flying around in my room, I decided to join the Finish-A-Long 2016 and maybe that will motivate me to actually finish one of these quilts.

Here are the pictures of what I hope will be three pretty quilts at the end of March:

1. Sea at storm quilt blocks, made with the help of two bee groups:

 2. Double Wedding Ring blocks, which haven't even made it to rings yet:

 3. A sort of medallion quilt which will be hanging on my wall when it gets finished.

I am linking up with the FAL 2016 page

2016 FAL



  1. These all look gorgeous! I hope you get them done because I'm looking forward to seeing the finishes!

  2. Good luck - they're looking gorgeous already!

  3. Love the Storm at Sea! And, the wedding ring is a challenge!! I can't wait to see all the progress!


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