Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rainbow explosion and THE perfect pillow

I just realized I never showed this pillow on my blog.
I made it for the X-Factor Swap more then two months ago when I still had a bit of time. The theme of the round was scrappy squares and I decided that making the pillow out of squares of the same size would be too easy so I cut squares in two sizes.
Bonus: this way it is much more complicated to get the layout right then if all squares were the same size :)
Extra bonus: piecing is a huge pain and there really is no easy way out :)

After all votes were in, I was surprised and sooooo very happy to find out I won first place. Which meant I got the pillow that won second place :)
It came all the way over from the US and was made by Melissa. Thank you again Melissa, it truely is a beautiful pillow!

And while I am at sharing beautiful pillows, this one was custom made for me by Susanne. I'll never know how she could sew a pillow this perfect for me because we have never met in person; but the second I saw it, I knew it was mine! Aqua and orange with white, triangles, clear lines, paperpiecing and a little twist (see those little triangles at the bottom falling out?). It can't get any better!
Thank you Susanne!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend!
I so wish I could have gone to the quilters' meeting in Berlin this weekend but it just wasn't in the cards for me. Girls, I hope you are having fun!



  1. Your Xfactor swap pillow is incredible! Congratulations on winning first place - you deserve it.

  2. I love that you used two different size squares - well worth the effort! It makes the colours blend together so much more effectively than if the squares were all the same size. Such a great idea!

  3. Dein Kissen ist toll. Regnerischer Tag? Guck das Kissen an. :)
    Das Quilting auf dem Kissen von Melissa ist toll, das wäre mal was zum Ausprobieren.
    Schön, daß Du bei Swap-pen auch so viel Glück hattest.

  4. Those are all great pillows. Your pillow is totally the cat's meow! Wow! Looks tough to make! Congrats on taking first place!!!


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