Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winner, Bee fabric and Account settings

Thank you to everyone who entered the Dolce giveaway! 
I will hope to do that soon again, I just love giving stuff away!

And the winner is:
who is Junebug. Congratulations! I will email you in a bit to get your address.

In other news, October is my month in the Bee Europa.  I have been busy deciding what to send out and what to request. I really love sewing things for others, most of the time it is something I wouldn't have come up myself and I love the challenge!
This time the challenge was to request something new that hasn't already been done and which I can later give to someone special. I decided to go with paperpieced letters with fabrics from a Kona Cotton bundle that I picked up at Sew Fresh Fabrics on Etsy. I really love this bundle and I think that the recipient will do so, too. Because I want to surprise him/her :) I won't tell you more but I will post pictures as soon as the quilt has been gifted.

So, last but not least, a question for you. I have been told that blogger apparently set back some of my settings on this blog and that word verification was turned on (thank you again for telling me!). So I turned it off and promptly received tons of spam mail. So now I have turned off the anonymous comments but I know that some people like to comment who don't have an account at any blogging. 
Should I turn the verification thingy back on and know that this bothers tons of people? Or should I stay with my setting of not getting anonymous comments? 
Of course I would just prefer to not get spam comments :)

Have a great day!

PS: Tomorrow is "Tag der deutschen Einheit" (Germany Reunification Day) which will be celebrated in almost every city here. I can't believe it has already been 22 years! If you want to read more, please go here.

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  1. Congrats to the winner! Those fabrics are pretty cool!


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