Friday, July 15, 2011

Sugar and Spice Circle Quilt

Another project I get to share with you today is my circle baby quilt.
Ein anderes Projekt, an dem ich einige Wochen gesessen habe, war mein Kreisquilt in Babygröße.

I made it with Lynne's QAL instructions and got it finished some weeks ago but never got around to posting about it.
Der Quilt ist mit Lynnes Quilt Alon
g Anleitung gemacht und obwohl ich ihn schon seit ein paar Wochen hier fertig liegen habe, habe ich es nicht geschafft, darüber zu bloggen.

I quilted this with just a few lines around the circles.
The fa
bric line is Sugar&Spice and I used up all of the scraps I had at that time. The back is white polka dots on red fabric which I love :)

Er ist nur mit ein paar konzentrischen Kreislinien gequiltet und ich liebe den Effekt. Die Rückseite ist aus einem knallroten Baumwollstoff mit weißen Punkten für den kleinen dramatischen Effekt :) Die Vorderseite ist mit Sugar&Spice gemacht, wobei ich dafür alle meine damaligen Reste verwertete.

Thanks for reading!
Dankeschön fürs Lesen,



  1. The white borders around each part of the circle look amazing! Very nice colour combo (and a fabric line of course; like it myself).

  2. that is absolutely stunning! You always have the best ideas.

  3. This is gorgeous!
    I love the colours you've used!

  4. wow! that is absolutely amazing. what a lucky baby :)

  5. Love your designs!! So nice to see a post from you - missed you!!!

  6. Really amazing--what an accomplishment!

  7. I'm using the same fabric right now for a Merry Go Round quilt. Your circle quilt is so cute!

  8. so in love with this! it is so pretty!

  9. Is there a pattern for this circle quilt?

  10. Sue, I can't reach you, so I am answering here:
    The pattern is from Lynne's quilt along, she provides wonderful instructions:
    What I did different was the cutting of the dresden parts: Each one is made of little strips of fabric I had left and just sewed together. And then, instead of dirrectly assembling the dresdens I just put small strips of white fabric in between. I had to slightly make the dresdens smaller, else the top would have puckered but that's probably some minor worry :)
    Have fun sewing!

  11. oh I just L-O-V-E this quilt! The colours are lovely and the design stunning! Thanks for sharing...
    Jay x The Sewing Wren


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